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Lung Cancer Screening 101

In the United States, lung cancer is the main cause of cancer deaths in people of all genders.

In the past, lung cancer was often thought of as a male smoker’s disease because men smoke at higher rates than women, and smoking is the leading risk factor for lung cancer. But according to research, women who smoke have higher chances of getting lung cancer and with less cigarette exposure than men who smoke, and no one is sure why...


Women Are Now Filming The Messy Endings In Their Lives

Would you rather cry on the phone to your friend about a breakup or broadcast a video of yourself in tears for millions to see? Some people are openly sharing their endings with the world on TikTok. They’re showing the live events unfolding — such as their redundancy call — and the immediate aftermath, like crying hysterically after being dumped. Some are even recording “GRWM” (get ready with me) videos as they dress up to end things with a long-term partner. Mass digital sharing of sad, traumatic and heartbreaking events is a fairly new phenomenon in our history yet many people are embracing the trend and seeking solace from strangers online...


I’m 45, & I Feel Like Crap Every Morning

I don’t want to open my eyes because it’s 4:15 AM. I’ve been waking up this early for months. My mind starts racing through my to-do list, and my eyes aren’t even open yet: I’ve got to remember to pay that bill, get my kid signed up for soccer, and donate that bag of old clothes sitting in my trunk. I can’t get up and clean because I’ll wake up my husband, who has been crashing on the sofa for six months, because he says I snore...