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I Thought My Energy Surges and Dips Were Normal. I Actually Had Bipolar II

Carson Pierse, 32, from Bentonville, Ark. has lived with bipolar disorder—a condition that causes intense mood and energy shifts—her entire life, even though she wasn’t officially diagnosed until she was an adult. That’s because Pierse has bipolar II, which means her “up,” or manic, periods aren’t as extreme as those in people who have bipolar I. Even if it’s not as immediately recognizable, bipolar II is thought to be just as common, and debilitating, as the first type: Pierse struggled with chronic depression for long periods of time and had suicidal ideation at her lowest points. Here’s her story...


What Is Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning? FDA Recalls Oysters and Clams Linked to Serious Toxin

There’s nothing more summery than shucking some oysters, but you might want to think twice before you slurp them down—or at least check where your haul is coming from first. That’s because some shellfish may be contaminated with a serious toxin, according to the FDA.


Confrontation Is Key To Long-Lasting Friendships — I’d Know

Last year, a key confrontational moment happened in one of my most treasured friendships: Sat across from one of my best friends, drink in hand, we’d been talking for hours. It was a regular Friday night after work, and we were having an overdue catchup. Some light conversation, some heavier subjects. Out of nowhere, he made a joke at my expense that was, to me, highly insensitive. “I’m not okay with what you said just there,” were the words that instantly came out of my mouth, which caught him off guard, too...