We recognize that women do not often get the funding and support they need to build and scale their businesses.

Studies have shown, most women would go out of their way to shop at companies owned by women, there is no easy way to identify which ones are owned by women. Portelle solves that problem. We are a user-friendly way to identify businesses owned by women as we provide a pipeline of customers. We create a place for businesses to thrive and build a community that supports them.

Members join for free

We pay you to shop every single time you purchase something from one of our partners. it is what we refer to as the “cashback”.  you can spend it within Portelle or donate it to a non-profit(s) of your choice.  the funds will be disbursed to your account within 30 days after your purchase.

You will have a dashboard that shows all of your purchases, the amount of cashback you are owed and the amount of cashback you have received. You will also be able to choose which non-profits you want to donate to, if you so choose.

Businesses that are owned by women can apply to be one of our vendors.

We require that a woman be one of the founders, own 20% of the company and must be in a leadership position. Quality is key to being accepted to be a partner. Your website, customer service and of course your product must meet our standards. We reserve the right to not accept a business to Portelle’s platform.

We charge a minimum commission on a purchase of 12% on every purchase our members make. The  commission is split with our members which becomes their “cashback”. We offer three levels of subscription after the three month free-trial; Bronze, Silver, and Gold for vendors. Vendors will receive different perks including advertising on our social media, email blasts, newsletter and online magazine The Port. There is also the ability to purchase additional advertisements.

We welcome non-profits to sign up to Portelle.

Our mission includes making a difference on a broader level. If you are interested in becoming a nonprofit on our site, you must fill out the application and we will reach out to confirm your status.